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Our 2021 Benefactor

The Family of Harrison Hazlett

This year we will be raising funds for the family of Harrison Hazlett. Harry is the son of Alex and Dayna Hazlett.

Harry was diagnosed in August of 2019 with osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is a primary bone cancer but very rare for a child Harry's age (5 at the time). Harry began chemo in August and went through surgery to replace damaged bone from cancer. He spent 5 weeks in a spica cast, which is a cast going from his chest to his ankle. He now has a titanium rod from his hip to his femur. All this while getting chemo and fighting through the pain.

Unfortunately, it did not end there. This past May, Harry went back for his 1-year scans and they found out cancer spread to his lungs. Harry is now scheduled for surgery and will obviously need more treatments.

Madisonation wants to help this family this year. I know it has been a long year for us all and we missed last year but let's come back strong this year. Thank you to all that have supported us in the past. I hope you will come back and support the Hazlett family in their time of need.

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